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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Why do we fear change, the unknown, and failure? We fear those things because it’s hard to accept things that put us in an uncomfortable place. Change is necessary in life and the problem with staying where we’re comfortable is that it is impossible for you to grow, learn or reach your full potential. In order to reach the next level, you must leave those things that keep you comfortable.

This shows purpose is designed to inspire you and transform your mindset, ultimately making you uncomfortable with being in your comfort zone.

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25: Chris Black shares how he went from Audio/Video Engineer to Business Owner

24: Doing life and catching up with Dr. Amanda Coleman

23: How Fried Chicken is done with Gayla Beaty

22: No episode for 22 but this is Emmitt Smith’s number of the Dallas Cowboys 😁

21: Amazing Business Success Through Giving

Take your business success even further finding ways to give, reward, and contribute more back to others than you receive. Read More

20: How to Win Online as An Introvert

Promoting your business or niche online and through your social channels is a must if you want to see success. But how do you find success when you’re an introvert? Read More

19: Protecting Your Intellectual Property with Devin Miller

In the competitive world of business, it’s a no-brainer that you need to protect your intellectual property. Devin Miller stopped in this episode to school us on intellectual property and why it’s important to protect it. Read More

18: Tips to Writing a Great Book with Holland Webb

Our guest Holland Webb says “everything you read…somebody wrote it!” When you think about reading in that way he’s exactly right and this tells us that there is a lot of thought behind what we read. From this conversation with Holland, we found out that there are plenty of opportunities in writing Read More

17: Activewear in the Faith Community with Hannah Billingsley of MOD Sportswear

In the world today let’s face it you’re more likely to see apparel that gives women the ability to express themselves boldly as they choose. With this in mind, you might think it would be hard for a company to market modest apparel. Read More

16: ATHENA W.I.T stops to talk about Women In IT & Imposter Syndrome

In the IT field, women make up about 25% of all tech jobs. Lucy Tew & Stephine O’Hare has sought out to help close the gap between men and women in the IT field literally. Recognizing this disparity they started a new technology course aimed at young women Read More

15: We talk Bow Ties with India Dawson of Little Guy Handmaid Bow Ties

If there were such a thing as a Bow Tie whisperer it would be India Dawson! India Dawson knows the exact bow tie that your little guy needs. India is the owner and operator of Little Guys Handmade Bow Ties. Read More

14: We talk Safety in the Safety Realm with Anthony Jr.

Today my guest is Anthony Kemp Jr. He is A Specialist in Safety and Health in the Construction Industry. He holds an SSH from Arlington of Texas University and is a Site Safety Representative DynaTen Mechanical. Read More

13: Let’s Talk Business: We talk Catering with Brandon Emmitt of Emmitt’s Catering

Today my guest is Brandon Emmitt, he is the chef & founder of Emmitt’s Catering where everything is made with love.  Emmitt’s Catering specializes in creating custom menus based on the needs of his clients, which his clients enjoy having a personable menu. Read More

12: Talk with the Cookie Mogul Cory Nieves of Mr. Cory’s Cookies

On today’s show, I talk with the cookie mogul Cory Nieves…

This young man became the founder of his cookie business at 6yrs old which came about with him wanting to help his mom get a car because he was tired of seeing her ride the bus. He started selling hot cocoa in his Englewood, NJ neighborhood which led him to sell other treats such as cookies. Read More

11: Lessons of Integrity that I learned from my Father

A special “Father’s Day” episode and tribute to my father (Pastor Charles E. Hill Sr.). In this episode, I decided to talk about some Lessons of Integrity I learned from my Father. Read More

10: NHCO: A Business that Went From Tragedy to Triumph

Today, my guest is Nicole Hawthorne, she is the owner and operator of NHCO Botanical Bodycare. Nicole has PCOS which is an endocrine syndrome that affects the hormones, which affects fertility. NHCO is a handmade bath and body brand that uses effective plant ingredients to avoid hormone erosion. Read More

9: How to Profit from Legal with Noel Bagwell

“Profit from Legal is not a parachute ripcord or emergency brake-type service. ” My guest today was Noel Bagwell, founder of ExecutiveLP® and creator of Profit from Legal™, a program designed to help small-to-medium businesses use legal support to improve profitability…Read More

8: Annette Archer: Making Amazing Cookies the Non-Traditional Way

Today, my guest is my friend Anette Archer. Annette is the founder and creative mind behind Nett’s Cookie Bliss. Nett’s Cookie Bliss is a cookie company that strives to provide delicious and one-of-a-kind cookie flavors that will satisfy any cookie craving. Read More

7: Jena Bagley: Why You Need Email Marketing For Your Business

In today’s episode, I have brought on Jena Bagley of AWeber to discuss “Why you Need Email Marketing for your Business and How you can get started.” Read More

6: 5 Great Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Is it necessary to have a website for your business? Since you have social media marketing isn’t it all the marketing you need for your business…because it’s free? In this episode, I discuss 5 Great Reasons Your Business Needs a Website Read More

5. The Business of Snow Cones Pt.2

This is Part 2 of our conversation with Roxanne Saldana about her business. She is the founder of Snow on the Rox, a vegan Snowball & Salsa business located at the Grow Desoto  Marketplace in Desoto, TX. In today’s episode, we talk with Roxanne about her Greatest obstacle she’s faced as a business owner, The other product she sells “Mama Ruthie’s Aztec Salsa”, Some of Her Mentors, The Goals she has for the business, Her business advice she offers for business owners and plenty of more…

4. The Business of Snow Cones Pt.1

Roxanne Saldana is the founder of Snow on the Rox which is a vegan Snowball & Salsa business located at the Grow Desoto  Marketplace in Desoto, TX. Today we talk with Roxanne about her Read More

3. Why you should consider a Side Hustle

Should you start a side hustle? In this episode, we make a strong case that if you haven’t started a side hustle, or at least thinking about it, you should! We also provide some ideal side hustles you can start.

2. Your Biggest Hurdle in Business

In this episode, we talk about the biggest hurdle you will possibly face in business. Especially for those trying to start a business. This obstacle has nothing to do with technology or social media marketing but it’s crucial to your success Read More

1. Introducing 24hr Boss

This is our first episode and today, we introduce 24hr Boss to the world! Brian Hill (founder) of 24hr Boss provides insight into his background, the concept, idea, and mission of Read More