Talk with the Cookie Mogul Cory Nieves of Mr. Cory’s Cookies

On today’s show, I talk with the cookie mogul Cory Nieves…

This young man became the founder of his cookie business at 6yrs old which came about with him wanting to help his mom get a car because he was tired of seeing her ride the bus. He started selling hot cocoa in his Englewood, NJ neighborhood which led him to sell other treats such as cookies.

After finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe his cookies became a hit!

Over the years his continued success has put him in the spotlight as a “Cookie Mogul” being featured on Ellen Degeneres Show, CNBC’s The Profit, ABC News, The Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many more.

He’s 17 now and we catch up with him and find out more about his cookie business

Mr. Cory’s Cookies website: Mr. Cory’s Cookies