Introducing 24hr Boss


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This is our first episode and today, we introduce 24hr Boss to the world! Brian Hill (founder) of 24hr Boss provides insight into his background, the concept, idea, and mission of 24hr Boss.

Before talking about 24hr Boss it’s important to understand my background and my struggles in business leading up to the creation of 24hr Boss.

My Background: IT & Sound Man

I come from a background in IT. I taught myself a lot regarding web development and computers. Outside of this, I assisted at my father’s church working with audio. I did this for about 17 years there. Between the year of 2001-2003, our church got a portable digital recorder to record the services and for us to create CDs for the church’s radio broadcast. This was high tech at the time and really enjoyed using this equipment and producing these recordings.

As I stated this was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. After doing this for some time I came up with an idea to record events for people. This was and idea to record the audio portion of the event and sell the audio copy to clients. I posed this idea to family and they stated I should video tape events instead because people would rather see their events than hear them. And that’s when the “Ah ha” moment happened for me. I decided I would start my own video production company in which I would video tape wedding for clients.

Video Production

This was so much fun recording, editing and creating DVD’s for my clients. I learned so much as it relates to video. I did this for 10 years from around 2003 to 2012 (and a little bit after that on and off). Close to the end of this venture, I started getting burnt out with weddings. Around 2011 I started to feel that I wanted to do so how incorporate video to help other businesses market themselves. But I couldn’t figure out who I would do this. So pondered the thought and kicked that can down the road.

Online Marketing

Even though I couldn’t figure out how would help businesses use video I did pick up a new interest and that was online marketing. I started to do lots of research around it:

  • I read books
  • Watched plenty of videos
  • Listened to tons of podcasts
  • I even took some classes. (business, consulting, etc)

Marketing seemed so interesting. I knew there was some kind of way I could incorporate marketing and video, but I still couldn’t figure this business idea out. As I continue to think about this business my love for online marketing, and business really increased.

The 2011 Note

In 2019 I was going through some old items of mine and I found my old MyTouch phone. This was Tmobile’s first smart phone I think. I decided to plug this phone up just to see what was on it. I came across an old note that I wrote on the phone back in October of 2011. This note really blew me away when I read it! I don’t remember writing it but it will make a lot of sense as you continue to read this post.

My old MyTouch phone

The note was a business idea that I had. It read as follows…”Provide helpful marketing solutions and survival strategies for people wanting to start a business. Along with providing informative business expertise. Provide surveys and video surveys from business professionals stating how they started their business, experiences, struggles, successes, marketing strategies, legal structure, what they are doing to stay in business. In exchange for business professional information, I will provide them a discounted video-audio production service to advertise their own business on their own site and my site.

Going back to 2011 I still couldn’t figure out this business idea. Even leading up to 2018 I was still at a loss. Technology & Marketing was changing and this was great because there is so much you can do with video, web development, and marketing. My love for business and marketing really increased. I still wanted to start a new business but I:

  • Lacked confidence
  • I was afraid to take the next step
  • I procrastinated
  • I kept putting it off

Inspired and ready to start

It was like I kept going in circles with this business idea. I would find some new information about marketing or read an inspiring article that had me feeling charged up and inspired me to start this new business. But soon afterward I would go back to my same old way of thinking. The same frame of mind. It wasn’t until listening to some really inspiring podcast and coming across some insightful information a couple of years ago that I finally made up my mind that I would stop making excuses and start this business.

The inspiring podcast that I came across was the following

I really don’t remember which episode of Pat Flynn I listened to but Pat was like the master of the podcast. He really broke it down on how to start a podcast and made it very understandable. His Cheatsheet is awesome! Nick Loper has an amazing podcast show as well. I could really relate to him because I saw how his side hustle has really grown over the years. Plus he provided valuable content for people wanting to start a side hustle which is what I’m trying to do. Social Media Examiner has everything you need to know about content marketing. Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner is greatness! If you are looking to get into online marketing and not following any of these three you’re really missing out.

10 Year Delay

So after 10 years of putting off and procrastinating I decided to finally go for it. I made up my mind that I would start this business. I decided on the name 24hr Boss and made it official.

  • I started 24hr Boss (November 2019)
  • I would combine all my skills and talents I learned (web, video, audio, and business)
  • I would use this business to help individuals to start their own online businesses or side hustle.
  • This is precisely the same idea and concept that I wrote on that note (Oct 2011) above.

What does the name 24hr Boss mean?

24hr Boss means “Online Boss” – If you think about a website…it basically runs 24hrs a day. So if you start a business and have a website you’re a 24hr Boss.

The mission of 24hr Boss

As I stated the struggle for me was real and I know how it feels to have a business idea and so many passions but you never act on them. I know what it’s like to feel like your not good enough or feeling like why would people listen to me? This is what 24hr Boss is about. I want to help inspire people who are trying to start an online business or in regard to anything related to online marketing.

Our mission is to give people the knowledge and necessary business skills to help them start an online business or side hustle. We do this by sharing best business practices, helpful tools and applications to use, and tips we’ve learned through our own experiences.

I feel really good about starting this business. I still don’t know it all and there are still so many questions that I have but I have accomplished a lot just staring this business. Plus I know with the wealth of knowledge I have I feel I help so many people and that’s what I’m all about.

The Uniqueness of 24hr Boss

One of the hardest things to do in business is to actually get started. We understand this and wanted to add some added inspiration having a podcast show for our site. We didn’t just want to provide our experiences but we also wanted to share the advice of some other professionals and experts in business as well. Just to give some added inspiration.

This is what 24hr Boss is all about. If you are interested in online marketing, starting an online business, side hustle, or if you already have a business we encourage you to share our site with them.