30. How to Change Careers with Temi Siyanbade Part2

Temi Siyanbade is a Houston-based attorney @toslegal

Have you ever felt stuck on a job? Or felt like there was no way out? Making a career change can be a frightening experience. It’s even more frightening when you’ve been working in the same field for multiple years. In this video, Temi Siyanbade shares how she pivoted from being an educator to an attorney. As an attorney, she tells us what the early days were like for her being an attorney, including her failures and successes. Her success is the result of persistence, not giving up, and hard work. Temi has blossomed to become a keynote speaker, thought leader, author and she is the Creator of Ask Temi Live a YouTube channel dedicated to providing business and legal advice to entrepreneurs and business owners. What an incredible journey she has had.😊

If you’re feeling stuck or in the “struggle”, trying to figure out your next career move. This conversation is sure to encourage and get you the motivation you need to get going in life!

Other topics discussed: Imposter Syndrome Leadership Intellectual Property

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