Roxanne Saldana: The Business of Snow Cones Pt. 2

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Guest: Roxanne Saldana

This is part 2 of our conversation with Roxanne Saldana about her business. She is the founder of Snow on the Rox, a vegan Snowball & Salsa business located at the Grow Desoto  Marketplace in Desoto, TX.

Snow on the Rox

Greatest Obstacle she’s faced as a Business Owner

Financially – “Sometimes things are not where you want them to be but you have to appreciate the process”

Mama Ruthe’s Aztec Salsa

It’s a recipe that was passed down from her great-grandmother “Mama Lupe”…it’s really good!

Mama Ruthie’s Aztec Salsa

What are your goals for this Business?

  • Grow the business in its current space
  • Have plans to start a storefront in the future
  • Want to be able to serve and provide for the Vegan and Non-Vegan with new products
  • Working on writing a book – “How to get to your Best Life”
  • Life Coaching

Mentors in her Life

  • Family
    • Her mother is her biggest supporter
    • Her Son is a great help to her as well.
    • People that doubted her gives her inspiration

Advice for Business Owners out there

  1. Listen to your Gut
  2. Trust the process: “Don’t listen to those thoughts of what did I get myself into”
  3. Marketing Advice: “Dig deeper, and Think outside the box!”
  4. No Hookups & No Freebies: “Make people pay for your products!”
  5. You are your Brand
    • Every post you make
    • Every word you say
    • Stay away from making negative comments and conversations about customers, employees, and people you know because at the end of the day you are your brand.

Find Snow on the rox

Instagram: @snowontherox Facebook: Snow On The Rox