Activewear in the Faith Community with Hannah Billingsley of MOD Sportswear

In the world today let’s face it you’re more likely to see apparel that gives women the ability to express themselves boldly as they choose. With this in mind, you might think it would be hard for a company to market modest apparel. MOD Sportswear is not only proving that theory wrong but the company has created a clothing line that has the faith community excited and in a buzz. According to the founder, MOD  “allows women from all walks of life to be unapologetically you.”
Our guest today is Hannah Billingsley. She is the founder and CEO of MOD Sportwear. I brought her on the show to talk with her about activewear in the faith community and for her to tell us all about MOD Sportswear. Hannah also gives us some of her best business advice and we’ll see how she answers my surprise questions.
Connect with MOD & Hannah Billingsley
MOD Sportswear Website: MODsw
Instagram: MOD Instagram
Hannah Billingsley: Hannah
Book reference: Heaven in Business