Doing life and catching up with Dr. Amanda Coleman

Our guest today is Dr. Amanda Coleman. She holds a PhD in Higher Education Leadership…And She wears many hats! Currently, she is Central Staff Director for Fort Worth ISD with over 25 years of experience in education supporting students and staff from Pre-K to Post-secondary Levels.

She’s an ordained minister, praise singer, choir president, and Executive Administrator for the music department at her church Full Gospel Holy Temple of Dallas, TX. If that’s not enough she also has a YouTube channel called “Life Experiences with Dr. Amanda”…a channel dedicated to encouraging and strengthening people of all ages. 

She’s faced some difficulties getting to where she’s at. I brought her on the show to chat about her journey. Also, she gives us some excellent communication and time management advice. And let’s see how she answers my surprise questions.

Dr. Amanda’s YouTube ChannelLife Experiences with Dr. Amanda

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