Women in IT and Imposter Syndrome with ATHENA W.I.T

In the IT field, women make up about 25% of all tech jobs. Lucy Tew & Stephine O’Hare has sought out to help close the gap between men and women in the IT field literally. Recognizing this disparity they started a new technology course aimed at young women aged 16-18 based in Lincolnshire of the UK.
They also have a called Athena Tech Talks in which they discuss these issues and topics weekly. Together they form the dynamic duo Athena W.I.T or Women in Tech.
I have brought them on today to discuss Women In IT and also Imposter Syndrome.
ATHENA W.I.T – https://athenatech.
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Reshma Saujani is the founder of Girls who code. The portion of the audio of her played in this podcast was of her speaking about bravery when she spoke at Google. The entire video of her can be found here: Reshma Saujani at Google
Reshma Saujani is not associated with 24hr Boss and was mentioned, used in this article, and podcast for educational purposes.