Trying to market your business online is like being a small fish in the ocean. There is a lot of fish in the ocean but as a fish what’s the best direction to go in the ocean? As a business owner, there are plenty of different ways to market your business. Which marketing strategy should you focus on SEO, Content strategy, PPC, Reputation Management, Keyword search. The truth is all work if they are done properly. The truth is also successful marketing doesn’t happen overnight.

3 Areas of Focus for Online Marketing

Before you can implement any of those marketing strategies we mentioned above there are 3 areas of online marketing that are must have’s for your business. Think of these as the foundation of online marketing for your business. They are Website, Email marketing, and Social media marketing. Why do you as an entrepreneur need to have these three? There are many different reasons but in regards to websites, every entrepreneur needs a website. This is home base. A website is a space you own out on the world wide web. You need social media pages but if you only have social media pages what happens if Facebook mysteriously locks your account or what if there’s a network outage on the platform how will you reach your customers?

Another reason you need these three is that they are the most cost-efficient and easiest to implement when it comes to online marketing. It cost you nothing to set up your social media pages. In most cases, you can set up email marketing for free as well with AWeber or Mail Chimp We recommend AweberSee Why. The last reason you need these three for online marketing is they all three work systematically and in sync with each other. You can make a blog post from your website that you can share directly to all of your social media platforms and even through email marketing They all three go together and are the foundation of your online marketing strategy.

Simple Marketing Strategy

Simple Marketing Strategy

Use Social Media to point people to your Website. Use your website to get subscribers for your email campaigns. And use email to channel your clients back to social media and your website.

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