31. Did Deion Sanders Sellout his People? (Special)

Deion Sanders was the head football coach of Jackson State which is an HBCU. Deion brought his Prime Time ways to Jackson State and the team exceeded all expectations. Deion and Jackson State’s success caught the attention of many. Deion’s success obviously was enough for him to be offered a greater opportunity as Head Football Coach at Colorado University which Deion accepted. Many felt that Deion taking the Colorada job he’s basically selling out Jackson State and his people.

We have to also mention that this opportunity will pay him $5 Million a year! So is Deion a Sellout? or is this a man just making the most of a greater opportunity? If you were offered $5 million dollars to coach a team what would you do?

In this video, I give my opinion and take on this matter. Which is an opinion.